Patience of a Child? that an oxymoron? Children do not have patience! My daughter is so persistent when she wants something from me that I either succumb to the pressure or she decides she doesn't want it anymore! Perfect example is RIGHT NOW, she is currently laying beside me reciting every word she knows, or asking "what's that?" over and over, or "daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy" until I look at her. It's not enough for me to acknowledge her by saying "yes Savannah?", she wants me to give her all my attention. This is all going on because she wants to play with me nothing more, nothing less. What happens to us as we get older? Do we no longer have the desire to get what we want, when we want it? The old saying "patience is a virtue" what does that mean? wait around long enough and you might get want you want??? no thanks! Kids are GREAT reminders at what we once were, and if you have forgotten what being a kid was like I highly recommend spending some time around them as often as you can,.. preferably ages newborn- 3yrs old! Desire to get what you want, small victories are better than no victories, and even failing produces victories if seen in the right light! Don't wait around for something to happen because it may never happen!

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