As I have said before, "I'm not that good with words...", so for me to describe my feelings toward my children or my wife can never be fully expressed! I love my family more then anything on this Earth, but I still have a selfish side that wants to do want it wants to do! And when that side shows its ugly face it's not really "who I am", more less who I was before I created a family. All I can really add to this is that if that ugly side ever appears of your own, close your eyes and pause before you decide to act on it.... that ugliness just might stop showing it's ugly face! peace, and oh by the way... the training is still go so, so... The new facility opens up on Monday and I can't wait to get back to group training!
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Everything that you do in life is a choice.... To get out of bed, or stay in bed. To workout or not to workout. To finish something you started or quit! To grab a beer or to drink the water instead...just to name a few. Everything you do is a choice. The reason I bring this up is that I'm always at a battle with myself to make the "RIGHT" choices, whatever that may be. Just today, I passed a church billboard that read...."to break a bad habit, you have to replace it with a good habit" Right now I'm making the "RIGHT" choices, and right now is all we have.
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How Time Flies!

In the last 4 weeks, some amazing things have happened to me, but none more special then my wife giving birth to my son... Stone Tilton Pierce Kepler! Then 3 days later we celebrate my daughters 2 yr birthday (April 15), and then most recently I placed first along with Ken Cutrer for the right to go to California to compete in the Crossfit Fittest Games!

To start things off, I had always hoped for a son. My daughter is very special to me and I wouldn't trade her for the world, but I wanted the opportunity to raise a son as well. And let me tell you, at the rate he is growing, it's going to be a BIG challenge... but one that I definitely am up for!

Now for my daughter.... she turned 2 on April 15th. We had a party for her at AMY'S ICECREAM, and we invited some friends and family... good times! But it does make you realize and appreciate that they grow up quick, so don't take it for granted because before you know they're out the door!

As for my training...pathetic! I took some time off when Stone was born, and out of the 3 weeks I was away from the gym I may have worked out 3-4 times! I was doing that per week! On top of not going to the gym I was "celebrating" a little much with all the guest we had over the same 3 weeks. Starting May 3rd, I vowed not to "celebrate" until after the Fittest Games which are in July... which leads me up to my last exciting occurrence......

On May 3rd, I won my second event in a row to tie for first in overall points for the opportunity to go to Cali to compete in the Fittest Games! To take in consideration that I placed 3rd in my first event, 3rd in my second event, and then back to back first to make my comeback... I'm pretty stoked about it! But I will say that to compete with the big boys, I'm going to have to up my game to a whole new level. A level that I have been to before but didn't maintain it, a level that will take dedication, desire, sacrifices, passion.. I don't plan on going to Cali and getting my ass handed to me, and as of May 3rd I put a challenge to myself to do what it takes to get to that level.. ELITE! peace
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