Medical Mafia and Perfect Technique

The first part of the title is a book I'm reading which I highly recommend to EVERYONE, the latter is what I'm trying to attain.

First weekend of May is the Crossfit Games Regional Qualifier... 60 something days, 9 weeks, etc.. Personally, I'm stronger, faster, recover quicker, eating better, living right, but what is lacking is perfect technique or something close to it! I know if I were to clean up my technique I would blow out all my current PR's. As of today I will "sacrifice" time for technique, weight for technique.. I want to be as effecient as possible, because I know in the long run it will get me where I need and want to be.

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Fat Tuesday

What makes you HAPPY? What makes you CRY? What makes you LAUGH? A time for reflection, a deeper look into one's inner self. We are ONE in this universe we call home. What you do I do, how you feel is how I feel, how you live is how I live. To take a quote from my favorite movie Fight Club....."YOU ARE NOT A UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL SNOW FLAKE!" I wasn't sure what exactley that meant until now... we are in this universe as one living ORGANISM, to think that we are unique and more special then the next person is a very shallow and dehumanizing. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, A time for 40 days of reflection, fasting, repetance, sacrifice to name a few. This is how we are suppose to LIVE EVERYDAY. I have never felt more ALIVE then I do right now... This Lent will not be like any other that I have experienced. I love you all... Peace

Here are few songs that make me HAPPY, that make me CRY, and that make me LAUGH! Enjoy!

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your inner chimp
here is an excert from my boy Joe Rogan putting it down like only he can....

I have been completely obsessed with chimps most of my adult life.
I have photos of them all over the walls in my house.
When I go to the zoo, that’s always the first place I want to go; I want to see the past.
We came from that. That’s an incredible thought for a couple reasons; for one – it’s incredible because of how much more advanced than them we are.
I mean, if we both came from the same primate source, how the hell did we get so far ahead of the chimps?

I’ve heard a lot of theories, but my favorite theory about human evolution came from one of my personal heroes, Terence McKenna. His theory was aptly described as the “stoned ape” theory, and what it basically contends is that human being evolved out of less advanced primates when they started experimenting with new food and eating psychedelic mushrooms.
It sounds crazy, but anything involving mushrooms automatically seems crazy.
That’s just sort of the nature of the mushroom.
We really don’t know why humans got so smart, so quickly, but mushrooms are as good a theory as any.
I know what mushrooms do for the human brain, and I can imagine that they would have similar reality obliterating results for monkeys as well. Add psychedelic mushrooms as a regular and preferred part of their diet for 2,000,000 years or so and I could easily see how it could shake things up.

Who the hell knows if McKenna was actually right, and many very intelligent people that study these things for a living think his theory sounds retarded, but that might be because they didn’t figure it out for themselves, or because they’ve never done mushrooms.
Show me a man that doesn’t think that eating psychedelic mushrooms are a big deal, and I’ll show you a guy that’s never eaten mushrooms. Or at least has never eaten enough.

Who knows how we got here, but the bottom line is we did, and chimps didn’t.
What if a group of humans someday advance along a separate branch from the rest of us and become some new advanced, mind reading, levitating primate?
I mean, we have to look at it this way; evolution is not finished. We’re not done evolving. We’re in no way perfect, and we’re adapting and changing all the time.
What if that’s what religious fundamentalism is really all about?
What if these ideas are a natural reaction from nature to retard evolution that’s occurring at such a rapid pace that it’s utterly terrifying to process?

There’s a strong movement in this country to deny that evolution is even real. There are literally millions of people behind it, and they believe that a supreme being created them just the way they are and that this is how they’re going to stay. Maybe this illogical thinking is just nature’s way of hedging it’s bets for the future. Maybe nature realizes that the next step that humans make in evolution might be a real fucking doozy, and it might not really work out that well, and just in case it wants to keep some copies of the original model.
When you see some fucking nut job like Sarah Palin in a youtube clip getting blessed against witchcraft, and you hear that she believes the world is only 6,000 years old, maybe that’s what she’s actually here for. Maybe people like her are here to make sure the original human model remains available as a separate species. Maybe instead of just evolving the entire genus nature decides that it might be a good idea to try it on small groups first.
Imagine how strange the future could be if that’s what’s really going on.
Maybe someday in the future our ancestors will be out time traveling and reading each other’s minds, and waiting for them patiently at home would be their pet fundamentalist Christian. I wonder if future people would judge you if you slept with it?
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Knock, Knock!

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Weakness Developed Will Create STRENGTH

the infamous Nicole from HQ showing determination to achieve a goal... very inspiring! I'm in the process of developing my overhead squat... this video is my motivation!

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Live For Today

a song that will endure time regardless of your musical tastes...

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Happy Birthday Bob

Much Love and Respect!

One Love!
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Know and Heal Thyself.....

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