Fat Tuesday

What makes you HAPPY? What makes you CRY? What makes you LAUGH? A time for reflection, a deeper look into one's inner self. We are ONE in this universe we call home. What you do I do, how you feel is how I feel, how you live is how I live. To take a quote from my favorite movie Fight Club....."YOU ARE NOT A UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL SNOW FLAKE!" I wasn't sure what exactley that meant until now... we are in this universe as one living ORGANISM, to think that we are unique and more special then the next person is a very shallow and dehumanizing. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, A time for 40 days of reflection, fasting, repetance, sacrifice to name a few. This is how we are suppose to LIVE EVERYDAY. I have never felt more ALIVE then I do right now... This Lent will not be like any other that I have experienced. I love you all... Peace

Here are few songs that make me HAPPY, that make me CRY, and that make me LAUGH! Enjoy!

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