go out to Lance, Crystal, and to my wife Carey! The three of them qualified for the Crossfit Games out in Aromas this year along with JT. Big Mike, Andy, Tyler, and Myself earned spots on the Affiliate Team along with Jessica and Lisa.

I want to just say that my wife totally dominated the qualifier like no other competitor... truly inspiring! I have witnessed CArey do many great things... complete a marathon in 3hrs31min, complete an ironman in 12hrs44min, give birth to both of our children at home with no drugs, and now I can add this past weekend to the list. It was great to overhear people talking about her in complete exaggeration creating a legend, "she has 4 kids", "she has only been crossfitting 4 months", I could go on.

Now it's time to put in the extra effort... improve on the weaknesses, develop the strengths, sacrifice, and prepare mentally for the challenge that will be thrown at us at the games this year

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