Who and what influence you? How about your kid....if you have any??? At the Kepler house we don't have cable, hell..we don't own a tv right now! We do own a computer with internet which is a very invaluable resource for us! My kids get to watch their movies on it, or watch funny videos on youtube...laughter is often heard in our house! Music is another big outlet for us. We used to watch music videos on youtube until the great idea that is Pandora. If you haven't heard of Pandora, google it. Any type of music you can think of is on their, and it's free! Music is almost always on in our house.

Here is the kicker...lately I have been listening to Anthony Robbins on cd's, as well as watching the Secret dvd on a daily basis. Well guess who gets exposed to that??? my kids do. Whenever I start playing Anthony Robbins on the computer my daughter knows..."DAddy, are we listening to Anthony Robbins again??"(me)"Yes sweetie", (SGK)"daddy I like Anthony Robbins". As for the Secret dvd, I was cooking lunch for the kids so i was trying to multitask, cooking, listening to the Secret, and watching a soccer game on the computer at the same time! doing a damn good job might I add. Well, my daughter comes into the office and new the Secret was on because she watched it with me yesterday but couldn't see it because I had the soccer game on with the background sound coming from the Secret.."daddy, take the game off, I want to see the people!"(me) "I'm watching the game"(SGK)"I hear the people but I want to see them as well"(me) "ok sweetie". So I took the game off for she could SEE the people. I'm actually listening to the Secret RIGHT NOW, and guess who just came in (SGK)"Daddy I want to watch the people.." The reason I'm telling you this is because I see what it is doing for my kids, especially Savannah. Just the other day, we were leaving her preschool and the ac in the car was acting up. And guess who chimes in from the back seat...(after hearing me mumble a few things) SGK"it's OK daddy, we can get a new know what daddy, we should just buy a new car, how does that sound?" That is verbatim from her mouth. All I could do was smile, and nod my head yes. So back to the question, What are your influences??? I know what mine and my kids are!

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Aaron said...

Outstanding post Kris! And a great photo too.

My biggest influence of late has been CrossFitters. There's too many of y'all to list individually. I have learned and absorbed so much that I'm probably not even conscious of it all. There is nothing better than surrounding yourself with wonderful people.

Oh and- I grew up on John Wayne movies like Hatari!