Crossfit Games Countdown

13 days and counting before I strap it on against the elite of the elite at the Crossfit Games in Aromas, California. Am I ready you ask????? Does a one legged duck swim in a circle? Since I won the Fittest Games Challenge, I have stepped up my workout's intensity level, but more importantly, I have corrected and perfected my form on some of my weaker exercises. I still have work to do but I gaurantee you this, I'll give it my all and will not quit, no matter how hard it is! For the next 13 days I will practice, train, and prepare myself harder then I have ever practiced, trained, or prepared myself! I know that last sentence may sound like gibberish, but 13 days is 312 hours... 18, 720 minutes... 1, 123,200 seconds! To me that seems like an eternity! i'm not going to post again until Wednesday the 2nd to update you before I go and win the gold, until then... peace

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