Starting Over

The Crossfit Games 2008 have come and gone, and after it was all said and done I placed 136 out of 191 participants. As bad as that may seem, the difference between the top 40 and my 136 is only a few minutes! But to be honest, I was not prepared to go to the games and actually think I was going to place in the top 40, much less the top ten. My brother-n-law JT placed third overall with back to back gut wrenching performances to jump from 30th place to 11, to all the way to his final standing of third! Very proud of him!

As of right now, I'm going to start doing everything that posts! I'm going to stop avoiding the heavy lifting exercises, run less but run hard when it comes up on the site, and really focus on doing all the lifts correctly. I'm going to stop cutting corners and stop being concerned with "fast times"! As the games showed me more then anything... do it right and do all your reps, or it don't count!!!! I promise to myself that I'll be more then ready for next years games and I promise to have a better showing, who knows, I might just win the whole thing!

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