(carey and I in San Francisco 2008)

As I said in my previous post.. "i"m going to stick to the website and do whatever it says". I have done just that for the last 5 days. In doing so, it has created a piece of mind for me. I go to the gym and focus on what the WOD is all about, and then I rock it out. I even suprised myself the other day after the deadlift workout,.. I was reracking my weight and decided to attempt a few power cleans just to see if I could do it... I thought I had left 195# on the bar, and decided that would be the weight I would attempt. 5 attempts, 2 fails 3 good, but in all it felt good. I felt strong, and I definitely felt as though I could have possibly added 10#'s or more. Well, low and behold, it was 205# on the bar which is my PR, a weight I haven't attempted in over a year and half!

As for my food intake. I'm trying to get closer and closer to the Paleolithic Diet as the days go on. I'm still winging myself of dairy... milk, creamer, cheese, butter, etc... I've also cut back my bread intake to nil! My energy level is a little up and down with it right now because I'm not consuming enough calories, but I'm getting better at taking the time to eat meals in between meals.

Stay tuned it's only going to get better.........

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