the eternal question that most of us ask ourselves...... what is my purpose???? why did "God" put me here, or for non-believers in a creator... why was I born? For a the vast majority of my life I have wondered what the heck am I doing here, and where am I going after this? And for the same amount of time it has created a void in me that makes me feel incomplete. In December of 2006 I was introduced to the DVD The Secret, along with the book The Power of Now by Tolle, Think and Grow Rich by Hill just to name a few. And during that time of new discoveries, I became transformed! But because of the previous 28 years of "not knowing" it didn't last long. .. which Tolle foreshadowed would happen. In one of the beginning chapters it flat out says don't expect to become clear after reading this book one time..... I have read it 4-5 times and will continue to read it for as long as I live! Back to the eternal question.. What is our Purpose???? The answer to this question is something you already know and will be revealed to you once you start removing the things in your life that are keeping you from revealing it..... to quote Tolle again, You already know the answers to all the questions, you just can't hear because of the interference! The last 2 years haven't been perfect and I still question time to time but I'm more at ease then I was back in December 2006.

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