Still at it!

Another week has come, and another weewk with good results. Went to Houston this weekend to do the Crossfit Total and set a couple of PR's in the process! 300lb Squat, 370lb Dl....with room to improve on both! My squat could probably improve 10lbs right now, but my DL could possibly improve by 30lbs. In a meet like the one on Saturday you get 3 attempts per exercise, in doing so I just ran out of attempts. But needless to say, I was very pleased with my effort. Then on Sunday, Carey, Savannah, and I went down to Town Lake to run. I only did the long 4.9 mile loop, instead of the 7 mile loop I have been doing... another strong outing. As long as I take life day by day, moment by moment, it's all good! Live in the Now, it's all we really have anyways, right!?


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