Quantum Physics

Another week has passed and as if it happened in a blink of an eye! I was able ot get in some good workouts this week with one short run of 4 miles, and then my long 7.5 miler on Sunday. I need new shoes, and I NEED to improve my form!
During this past week, my brother-n-law Jeremy told me about a video on Youtube called "What the Bleep do We Know?" It's 9hrs of video condensed into 2 hrs for people like me who want only the meat of everything. In this video, it basically states that you make your own reality through what you think your eyes see... and that you as an individual have total control over what happens to you . If you perceive your reality as happy..positive... exuberance..etc.., that is what you will attract. It is the LAW OF ATTRACTION working at it's finest! I highly recommend this video to anyone that wants to be enlightened. until next time, peace.

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