2nd Place

nothing is more true then the title of this video. I had an opportunity to come back and win the Fittest Games Championship this past weekend but I didn't.... I lost by 40 seconds! I could have easily made that up in the 2 workouts combined if I had stayed focused and didn't f*ck up on some reps, pushed a little hard, but that's neither here nor there! Time to dial back in for the Regional Qualifier in a month. Take the lesson I learned from this weekend and go and do what it is I'm capable of doing.... just to throw a little more salt in the wound, if you took the first 2 workouts we did and comibne the times of final 2 workouts and I lose by 3 seconds! never leave any doubt, give all you got and if you still lose, well you got beat by a better athlete. There is no shame in that, but don't finish up a competition and say to yourself.."could I have gone harder?" peace.

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