Fittest Games Championship

I'm not sure how to start this blog entry, so I'm going to ramble on until it starts to make sense. I train out of Crossfit Central. I'm married to an awesome woman, mother, athlete, and soul..and with here comes her family. If you haven't met the Thiel's, you are missing out. They each have a special gift unlike the next. Since I train out of CC, I get to witness and feed off what some only get to experience on a part time basis.... I'm blessed. My wife asked me if I have a mentor yesterday, and I quicly responded yes....JT. I'm a work inprogress who is out to defend his title this weekend, and as JT once said,.."I'm not afraid to die doing a Crossfit Wod..." these words will resonate in me and push me through to accomplish my goal in defending my title. pain is just an illusion! peace

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