24hr Bug turned into 4 days of Misery

This past weekend a vicious little bug spread through the Thiel house taking many prisoners, 11 of the 14 people to be exact! My turn so happened to occur on my birthday. Around 1pm I felt the stomach start to turn and I knew it was only matter of time....30 minutes to be exact before I was bathroom bound! Before I knew it, 11pm was flashing on the clock and I had frequented the bathroom every 15 minutes during that 10 hr span...."when was this going to end".. was all I could think about! I vomited so much that my throat couldn't handle "warm" soup. That was on Sunday, today has been the first day since, that I have had my wits about myself. I haven't been a very nice person to be around, just ask my wife. The point of this blog is maintain excellent health and if you so happen to get sick don't take it out everyone else, be stronger then the's a good test to see how mentally strong you are. the bug 1 - kris 0, be continued

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