Yesterday moning I took part in something special. My brother-n-law, Jeremy, ran in the AT&T Marathon in Austin, Texas. I was lucky enough to help pace him in the last 6 miles of the race. The effects of the run were starting to take a hold of him when I joined up at mile 20. But Jeremy persevered and was able to complete his first marathon in 4hrs 07min!

While we were running, I thought to myself,... "I can do this!" I should tell you now though,... I have complained about my knees, ankles, hips, back for years! I played soccer for 20 plus years, and it has gradually taken it's toll on me. But SO WHAT, RIGHT?!

So, today I started my training for my first marathon with a 4 mile run around the neighborhood, and guess what??? Everything hurt, But SO WHAT!

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