You Don't Have Weaknesses....

Only inabilities that aren't consider your strengths,....yet.  Double Unders use to suck, not anymore.  HSPU use to suck, not anymore.  Muscle Ups use to suck, not anymore, Snatch use to suck, NOT ANYMORE.  if you think that you have a weaknesses, step up to the challenge and make them your strengths.  Only weak minded individuals allow certain things to hold them back, are you weak?!  if you have mental inabilities, do a personal inventory and turn the wrongs into rights... anger, aggression, selfishness, fix it, ASAP!  You know yourself better then anyone, You can change....if you want to...  
Be Strong, Hold On

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Aaron said...

Great post Kris!

I don't have weaknesses - just challenges I haven't overcome yet!