Live To Tell The Tale

Vegas has come and is the first day I feel like I did before I left. Not because of too much alcohol, or not enough sleep, or my gambling losses i accumulated. i definitely took a long break in between drinks, went to sleep early one night, and stopped gambling after being down $200 bucks. Going to Vegas is like going into a lucid dream state. it can be quite euphoric and intoxicating, a never never land for adults. since we rolled in VIP style, their were no lines, special treatment, the magnetic pull we had was outstanding and can't be put in words! But come Monday morning, the dream state comes to an abrupt ending... "daddy, daddy good morning daddy.." eyes open and it's as though Vegas was a dream. But what is it about Vegas that you could replicate on a daily basis? The answer is EVERYTHING... it's just a state of mind that you can create anytime you want. Well at least until the next time you go back to Vegas! Live to tell the tell.

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Web Smith said...


It was the time of my life. I am often exasperated when I try to explain it to my friends here. Dude, thanks for allowing me to join you life long friends. I hope that this is one of many times that we all get to kick it. I love you gentlemen. Yes, even Zach. Dang, son.


Lion Heart said...

Love you to Bro'... I foresee many great times to come, and yes even I love my boy Zach, dang son!