Part of My Personal Legend

Here is a response to my last post about being Humbled from a friend, competitor who I highly respect:

Defeat is the best, isn't it? I thank God for defeat. It is the essence upon which this world has progressed. Defeat has changed my life, several times. For the better...

You got the picture right...imagine a world without his defeat and resurgence.


you should check out their blog, one of my favorites!

Last week, I had a lot of "things" running rampant in my head. A lot of soul searching, creating an inventory of my life you could say....where I am at, where I want to be, and what is it going to take to get there. One of my biggest crutches or pain/ pleasure vices is when I choose to consume alcohol, which when consumed is mostly on the weekends. Alcoholism runs rampant in my family. I lost my grandfather on my mother's side when he was only 55 to alcoholism. I lost my aunt to alcoholism when she was 38, also on my mother's side. My bouts with alcohol haven't been very pretty either. I have had run-ins with the law, I have had nights I don't recall having, depending on what it was I was drinking I would become a monster, what else... acting a fool, you name it. But because of the sour taste of not doing so well on a workout it finally came to a head. I planned on going out afterward and consuming a few drinks if I won...defeat changed that. The thought of drinking didn't sound fun to me! getting my ass handed to me in a workout is now an anchor or representation of the thought of having a bunch to drink. Hangovers suck, and so does the taste of defeat! I have been coming to grips with not drinking at all for sometime, but had planned on waiting until after I get back from my boy JT"s bachelor party next week, as of right now it's been 3 days since my last drink. stay tuned!

thanks to Lance Cantu for posting this song awhile always hits me in the right spot!

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Aaron said...

Great post Kris. You definitely showed the heart of a lion during the 300 on Saturday, that was one of one hell of a fight! Keep chasing your legend!