Naysayer: One who frequently engages in excessive complaining, negative banter and/or a genuinely poor and downbeat attitude. Naysayers are distinguished by their tendency to consistently view the glass half empty, make frequent one-way trips to negative town, and constantly emphasize the worst of a situation. They have the capacity to rant and whine for hours on end about the most insignificant inconveniences. They tend to travel solo, but have the keen ability to spread their pessimistic attitude to a group of unsuspecting bystanders and encourage others to employ their mindset.

Maurice Jones Drew is professional running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has had to listen to naysayers all his life just because of his size, 5'7" 208lbs, watch this video.....very motivating!

The only person who can limit your ability and potential is yourself!

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1 comments: Lindsey and Web Smith said...

"Thank you, thank you for everything you've done for me."

I love naysayers.