The Prodigy

"I’m not here to criticize him or anything," he said. "But when I see that kind of thing, I don’t think much of it. He wants to portray himself as the crazy one; I think he’s just portraying himself as the weird one. And we’re gonna know which guy’s more crazy when we get into the Octagon."

"I think it’s going to play the part after I start shutting down his takedowns," said Penn. "When he realizes he doesn’t have that to go to, he’s gonna see a lot of punches coming really quick at him. It’s something I don’t think he’s prepared for."

-- UFC Lightweight Champion BJ "The Prodigy" Penn talking the stranger eccentricities of contender Diego Sanchez. The two will fight for Penn's title this weekend at UFC 107.

Quite prophetic to say the least. If you watched the match, then you'll know that Penn put on a clinic. In my opinion, the most dominate UFC match I have seen.

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