Don't Climb...Jump up the Ladder!

Most of you that follow my blog will know who Zach Even-Esh is, for those of you who don't you should look him up.  I get the honor to go and train with him for 3 days here in a couple of weeks up in Dirty Jerzee!  I can't tell you how excited I am to be doing this!  I'm currently a stay at home father and loving every minute of it... but this is not a permanent role for me.  I will be coaching one day, it's always been a passion of mine... and my coaching style will be that of my own, BUT with a huge influence of Big Z in it! 

Here is a DAILY email example that I get to read that is just  so simple but so profound...  That is my description of Zach, simple but profound!  it's how we all should strive to be!  

Hey Kris

I'm about to head out the door in 15 minutes to take the drive up to my gym.

The USC Cert is about to go down and this 2 day event sold
out FAST.

There is even a Strength Coach here from Switzerland!

He flew over 9 hours to get here and learn.

I think his actions and dedication alone are proof of how
successful he will be.

He made NO excuses.

NO excuses for the distance to travel, the investment, etc.

A SMART Strength Coach understands that when they invest in something
they will be taking action with their new found info
which in turn means earning back that investment 10 fold, at least.

When I started out in backyards, playgrounds and garages, I made
NO excuses for my lack of equipment or fancy set up.

In turn, I was more resourceful and I grew my business
rapidly in what many described as impossible.

Impossible? Ha!

I'm the wrong guy to tell he can't do something.

If you wanna be BIG time successful, then you also need
to be "the wrong guy" to be told you can't make it happen.

My drive up north to my gym came because I busted my
back to create an ultra successful warehouse gym,
allowing me to get out of my old town and buy
a new home in a beautiful town less than a mile
from the beach.

I'm not bragging, I'm telling you what's possible,
coming from a guy who started from the ground
up with NO cash in my pocket.

But, the reason I jumped up the ladder of success,
rather than climbing it, was because I invested
in my education through training and business
seminars by those who were ALREADY DOING what
I wanted to do.

No climbing up the ladder.....

I JUMPED up the ladder of success.

Will you?

Lead from the FRONT.


My WoD:  (taken from
Four rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
Rest 3 minutes

David Lipson 1:19.1, 1:23.7, 1:24.3, 1:23.5.
Tommy Hackenbruck 1:29, 1:29, 1:36, 1:36
Ben Crook 1:24, 1:26, 1:32, 1:40
Rob Orlando 1:27, 1:32, 1:34, 1:41
Tanya Wagner 1:41.1, 1:44.9, 1:48.7, 1:47.7

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