New Breed of Men by Zach Even-Esh

The Man of Steel 12 Week Training System is HERE.
It’s time for The NEW Breed of Men to be built.
Strong as Hell, Lean, Athletic, Explosive and Highly Conditioned.
No longer do you need to have your own garage set up or basement gym to get in an ass kicking workout.
No longer do you need to train for endless hours in the gym. 30 – 45 minutes will get the job done when you follow The MOS 12 Week Challenge.
You can follow the MOS system in a commercial or globo gym and I suggest you crank up your I Pod to avoid the shitty music being played in commercial gyms.
You’re gonna HAVE to be in the zone when you train though. NO cell phones or other distractions.
Follow these 11 Tips to Become a Man of Steel
1) Train Like an Animal – Run, Jump, Sprint, Crawl & Climb
2) Powerlift – Get Strong as Hell in the Squat, Bench & Deadlift
3) Maximize Bodyweight Training – Mixed Grip Push Ups & Pull Ups MUST be Mastered.
4) Perform Hybrid Workouts – Mix various elements & methods together: Powerlifting + Gymnastic Based Bodyweight Movements, Dumbbell Olympic Lifts + Bodybuilding Movements…..
5) Break Records EVERY Week: Every week you’ll follow The Man of Steel Challenge of the Week. These challenges will push your body into a NEW world of transformation
6) Attack Ground Based Movements: Ripping weights off the ground will develop full body strength, improve conditioning and pack muscle on your entire body. Use dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells.
7) Train for Athleticism FIRST: Train like an athlete and challenge your muscles from different angles with NEW movements. Don’t sit on your ass pumping reps on useless machines. Athletes don’t look like Greek Statues carved from stone by accident, they EARNED it, and so will YOU!
8) Use Kettlebells: ALL gyms carry Kettlebells, but 99% of them collect dust and people don’t know HOW to use them effectively and properly. Kettlebells allow you to combine movements for maximum effect in minimal time while also improving your athleticism.
9) Train Hard & Short: Long workouts suck, Period. They work against you by draining you of energy and valuable time. Get in the gym, warm up, train hard and get out!
10) Push the Pace: Don’t rest excessively. Short rest periods force new muscle fibers to get worked and help build muscle, ALL of which speeds up your metabolism. You wanna be a fat burning machine around the clock, so PUSH the pace.
11) Develop Abs & Hands of Steel: Work your abs intensely with direct abdominal work and indirect abdominal work using the functional movements described in the MOS Challenge. Develop powerful hands and forearms so you can throw around heavier barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and perform Bodyweight training with ease.
12) Get The Man of Steel Challenge HERE
Enough Said.
Lead from the Front!

Skill Work:
DU's for 10 minutes (roughly of to a bad start....long weekend ; )....)

Perform as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:  12 rds

5 One Arm DB Thrusters RT 50 lbs
5 One Arm DB Thrusters LT 50 lbs
7 Push Ups
9 Box Jumps 24" Box (15du's)

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