My Wod:  12:10
10 Muscle ups
100 Du's
8 Muscle ups
80 Du's
6 Muscle ups
60 Du's
4 Muscle ups
40 Du's
2 Muscle ups
20 Du's

it use to take me 13 minutes to do 30 muscle ups...I have come a long way with these, as well as my Du's!

Wod 2: 41:00
6 rounds for time
15 Power Clean & Jerk @ 135#
20 KB Swings @ 1.5 pood (24 kg)
Run 400 meters

messed this up big time, first 4 rds I didn't jerk, last 2 rds I did.... with a extra/ final round of 25 clean jerk to make amends for not paying attention....  my right hip flexor is still pretty sore, but all in all a good days worth of work put in.

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Elliot Schrock said...

Double Under machine now broskie!