The Art of War

Just got this book in the mail on Friday, looking forward to starting this today!

My WOD for Friday and Saturday:  Rest/ Travel to parents for my mother's 55th bday.  Also was able to visit my Grandmother who is now so ill she is basically bed ridden.  Very somber feeling being at my Grandparents house...growing up as a kid,  words I would use ot describe their house would be coziness, vibrant and green, crystal clear in-ground pool, intense, and love that I felt from my Grandmother.  Now as my grandparents are in the final years of their lives the only thing left is memories...the house is old and dirty, the pool hasn't been in swimming condition in a few years despite what my Poppy would say, ...the love is still there from my Grandmother even if she can't express it like she use to.  She had a Dr.'s appointment last week, and the prognosis was 3-6 months (this was told strictly to my Poppy)  Granted, I can give too rips what a Dr. might say.  If the will and desire to live is strong, miracles will happen......
Take care of yourself, I know we can't and will not live forever, but as long as I'm here I will do what's right for my body, mind, and soul!

that's enough, getting to emotional to write anymore. 

Peace and Love

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