I had a long post written out but decided to delete it because in MY opinion......


Murph on Steroids (45lb vest):  1hr 6minutes

No disrespect to Lt.  Murphy, you were in my thoughts the whole time.

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Aaron said...

If those guys want to cheat their way to "success" they can have it. I'll keep my integrity intact thank you.

But I gotta say, as a baseball fan, it was painfully obvious that McGuire was on steroids. I mean they guy looked as skinny as me in his rookie photo! The same with Sosa, Giambi, etc...

Until pro baseball outlaws it's use, you are going to see steroid abuse. Even after it's outlawed you are going to see guys do it because of the huge amounts of money those guys can make as a "star." Look at pro-football, pro cycling, etc...

Nice job on Murph by the way

Lion Heart said...

I agree Aaron..the problem with professional sports is that these guys put up huge numbers in their respected sport and then have huge contracts rewarded to them for it. in return ticket sales go up, sports gear prices go up, paper view, etc... Let them juice until they pop, I just won't contribute to the monster that is professional sports. Give me college athletics any day over the pros.

Thanks for the kudos on Murph, I can already feel the soreness setting in.... I like it!