Coach Burgener and Zach Even Esh

The man, the myth, the LEGEND

Active Recovery today.   Contemplating a late run tonight...will see.
Town Lake Night Run 7 mile loop in 53mintes in my vibrams.  I need to run more/ longer distances as well as bring a light next time I run in the dark.  pounded the ground too much because I couldn't see...legs are sore already.  learning experience!

Love this guy!

if you are not familiar with this man, you should be....  I have been following Zach on the internet for the last couple of years, and the man flat out gets me pumped, stoked, fired up, you name it!   Carey and JT where fortunate enough to meet and workout with Zach this past weekend, and both of them came away extremely impressed!  I look forward to the day I get to meet Zach, soon enough!  Here is the email I received from Zach after his weekend in Miami for the FilFest, enjoy.........
Hey Kris -

About to hit the road, driving home on phase 2 after leaving The CrossFit FilFest, where
I spoke about opportunity and going after your goals like a Raging Bull.

I was amazed, being around these people, all of whom owned their own gym.

They were ALL passionate and insanely hungry to achieve greater and greater success.

I've been to countless fitness events and most of the people cry and complain about their
lack of success.

It was VERY refreshing.

I also receive around 100 e mails a day, many of them business related.

I'm amazed at how many people have an excuse when they e mail me.

I don't bother to reply, because they already convinced themselves of the

I can't do this or that because of ________

And we can fill in the blank with countless ridiculous excuses.

I remember starting the licensee program for my gym, because I had DAILY  e mails
asking for it.

Then, at a fitness conference, when I announced it, we had 15 people sign up to secure their

Once I sent them the application, when it was time to sign on the dotted line
and DO WORK, approximately 90% bailed and didn't step up, as they said
they would.

It's a good thing, as this is why we have a top 10% - they go for it, they walk the
talk and they don't make excuses.

On my way to Miami, I decided to take a train.... the train was a double decker
whipping around like some old school roller coaster.

I said "F**K this" - got off the train on the first stop, got back to NJ< hopped in my truck
and drove down.


No excuses.

One obstacle didn't stop me.

Saturday morning I rocked a hellish workout, at 7 AM

I got to bed at 1 AM

It would have been easier to stay asleep when the alarm went off at 6:30 AM

But, that hellish workout lasted 9 Minutes and 33 Seconds

It was powerlifting, kettlebells, bodyweight and sled work

Non stop!

The normal slept it, the strong stepped up!

I'm tired of excuse makers.

I want no part of it.

If you're an excuse maker please unsubscribe from The Underground, right below.

I'm fine with not being a good fit for others.

Same with my gym, not everyone makes the cut.

I'm here to kick ass and take names.

If you're not livin' to do the same, then adios.

Lead from the Front.


PS: I want serious go getters coming to my live events, mentorships and my gym.
I have 2 live events coming soon, check them out HERE and step up.
Space is filling up fast.

REMEMBER: NO Excuses. I don't want sign ups who cancel last minute.
Be committed or be Gone.

Mailing address:
Underground Strength Coach
160 Talmadge Rd Unit D
Edison, NJ 08817

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