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DWOD:  the goal is to break at least the 100 rep mark

115# OHS for reps 5 Rounds, 3minute rest between rds.

TOTAL REPS:  105!   Not bad considering I only got 15 reps my first round (hand slipped).  30 reps on my second round which is a pr for that weight.  here is the bar I'm having to use, I call the Salo (after Mikko Salo..old school taped up!)  Not to worry though, Carey and I have new equipment on the way to the casa'.  The Shed will be making it's first appearance in the latter part of 2010!  keep your eyes pealed for it!

article below is taken directly from Erwan Le Corre,

Survival International - The movement for tribal peoples

Survival_banner_logo2You have probably noted that does not host advertisement banners, especially commercial ones.
But I feel so passionately about the work of Survival International which  has helped endangered tribes around the world for over 40 years  that I have decided to host their banner. I strongly urge you to learn more about them, and hopefully support them as I do:
“Survival is an international human rights organization, helping tribal peoples around the world defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures.
We work for tribal peoples’ rights in three complementary ways: education, advocacy and campaigns. We also offer tribal people themselves a platform to address the world. We work closely with local indigenous organizations, and focus on tribal peoples who have the most to lose, usually those most recently in contact with the outside world.
We believe that public opinion is the most effective force for change. Its power will make it harder, and eventually impossible, for governments and companies to oppress tribal peoples.”
While Survival International protects the rights of tribal people, more importantly they protect the lives, the lands and the cultures of the remaining tribal groups, especially the most remote, the least in touch with the modern world.
Without overly romanticizing the lifestyle or living conditions of these tribal groups, I believe the more “civilized” we become, the more we can learn from these people who embody the meaning of being connected to their true nature.
However,  the constant and increasing pressure from the modern world continues to threaten these populations who only wish to maintain their ancestral way of life and to remain strong, healthy, happy and free.
By helping them, we contribute to protecting the natural areas which they inhabit, the natural sanctuaries they live among, respect and attempt to protect against many forms of exploitation and destruction.  By protecting tribal people, we protect both human diversity and natural diversity.
Through this banner, I hope to contribute even if in some small way, to increasing awareness about the many threats these populations are facing, threats that all come from our civilized world, as well as the awareness about the people and organizations that fight for them and with them.
Thanks for you for listening. I hope if you agree we with me, you will consider supporting Survival International.
Best regards,

Erwan Le Corre


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