Sunday Funday

 Jim Boeheim is the man, a true teacher of the game!

One of my favorite "lazy hobbies" is to watch college basketball, especially if my favorite team is playing....The Syracuse Orangemen(currently ranked #4 in the nation).  Last night they whipped up on Villanova Wildcats (#8 in the nation) 95-77, in front of a record crowd of 34,616!  None of the kids on Syracuse were even in the top 100 recruiting lists coming out as seniors in high school, and after this weekend because of the upsets to the #1 and #2 teams, Syracuse will probably leap over Purdue (#3) and be ranked #1 in the nation.  Quite remarkable considering none of the kids where highly recruited.  In the 25+ years of watching Syracuse they are by far the best TEAM I have ever seen at the Cuse.  Having Superstars are great and all but give me the 7 "starters" the Cuse have any day over the ONE and done kids that come through college!  Hats off to Coach Boeheim this year.  One of the most UNDERRATED Coaches of all-time.  And to think this man has over 800 career victories and 30 plus years with 20 or more wins, truly remarkable how much he gets out of his kids....

My WOD:  will be resting, then hitting it hard starting on Monday.  Peace

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