29 is the New 1

Sectionals are over and now it's on to the next , next being the Regional at GSX in Ft. Worth Texas.  My goal was to qualify.  Not once did I actually target an actual number.."just make it into the top 30"...  was all I really said to myself or anyone who asked how I thought I might do.  Since I qualified,  I have bought myself an additional 8+ weeks of CFFB programming.  As well as working on my weaknesses, ex..  HSPU, and Oly lifts.  I have a rower at my house now as well as some new bumper plates and barbells.  I need to continue practicing my DU's, KB work.  I have 4 KB's that live on my front porch, no more neglecting them.  Thank God I have familiarity with them or I would have been screwed this weekend.   So when I say 29 is the new 1, my goal is to qualify for the games, plain and simple.

My WOD today is to chill out.... for the next week cleanse myself of all Advocare Performance Supplements.  I did consume a few beers yesterday, my first in over 2 months....  time to start a new streak of avoiding alcohol.  None until after the Regional Qualifier. 

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