That magical number is what it costs the Kepler's to eat at every meal...all four of us!  This past week I finally broke it down and wrote a detailed shopping list.  In doing so I had to determine where I needed to go to complete my grocery list.  Here is the Breakdown:

Natural Grocers on Guadalupe: $88 (all produce form Natural Grocers is organic, with some of it being local)
7 lbs of Bison meat
1 lb of Bison uncured franks
1 carton of omega-3 eggs
3 lbs of Onions
3 lbs of Broccoli
1 box Yerba Mate tea
1 lb of Walnuts
5 lbs of Carrots
1 lb of Kale
3 lbs of Apples
2 heads of Romaine Lettuce
1 lb of Oranges

Whole Foods North:  $50
2 lbs of WILD Salmon..key word is wild, never buy farm raised no matter how organic they sat it is!
2 lbs of cauliflower
3 lbs of bananas
2 boxes of Spinach
1 lb of grapes

Farmers Market at the Triangle:  $32
2 cartons of "actual free range eggs!'
1 whole Chicken (3lbs)
2 lbs of Pork Sausage

On Tuesday I was able to hit up the Natural Grocer and Whole Foods... then the Farmers Market on Wednesday.   Now more then ever when I hear people say "it's too expensive to eat healthy", I can honestly say you are full of sh*t.  You are just too lazy to make a concerted effort to eat healthy.  
Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right.
Henry Ford 

Basically, we as humans have the freedom of choice.....what do you choose to do about your health? 

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Aaron said...

Great post Kris - you're right - it is all about choice! And Natural Grocers is the bomb!