Constantly Improving

Sunday well as a Much Needed REST day!  A quick recap of the last few months for me in my growth as man, husband, father, and competitor:

Back on January 8th of this year, I had coming to so to speak with reality.  As I was reflecting back on my life and as well as my current state it was quite obvious to me that I was 'floating' through life.  I was a  so so man, husband, father, and competitor.  Did just enough that it looked as though I was putting the effort that needed to be put in whatever role I was in at the time.   That wasn't fair to my wife and kids, nor was it fair to my God.  We are given every opportunity to become all aspects of life.  Why wasn't I trying to be great?  It had my stomach so twisted I wasn't able to sleep or eat worth a damn for about a week.  So I meditated every night for an answer on what it was I needed to do.  By the time Thursday the 14th rolled around it had come to me what it was I needed to do... it wasn't rocket science, it was to give 100% of myself up to my God, my wife , my kids, and my competitiveness.  

When I say my God, I mean everything around me & in me... everything.  i needed to start praying/ meditating every night before I went to bed, drop to my knees like I used to.  meditate during the day, before I eat, before I workout...anytime I feel overwhelmed....  and in the last few months I haven't missed many opportunities to meditate/ pray. and in return I haven't had this kind of clarity in sometime! 

As for my wife, she is an amazing woman who deserves the best support team possible.  She works cray amount of hours, travels as much as she works.  Is constantly figuring out ways to pull in an income to support our family.  Plain and simple she is a work-horse! She deserves to be treated like a queen, which I wasn't doing.  not that I treated her poorly, but I wasn't extremely supportive of her workload.  I understand now that for our family to achieve some of the fiscal goals that we have I have to support her with 100% of my being, and I have!  and the rewards have been abundant!

As for Savannah and Stone, they are my world....but I wasn't be the dad I know I could be.  Losing my cool more often then not, not giving them the attention that they STARVE for, not being a better teacher for them,  being quite pathetic actually.  When I say kids starve for attention, I mean it.  My kids demand it..they need it to grow, and as draining as it is, I give it to them almost 100% of the time.   I still zone them out on occasion... I never said I was perfect ; 0. 

Last but but not least, my competitive side.  I was an outstanding 2 sport high school athlete.  Achieving many rewards/ accomplishments on God given abilities.  When college came around I had the opportunity to play both football and soccer at 2 different schools.  But as I got in to college my mindset changed, I started to party more, and I lost the will to compete... it didn't matter to me anymore!  i never thought their would be a day I would stop playing soccer, my first true passion/ love!  Then when I was introduced to crossfit, it sparked something in me to want to compete again, to be an athlete again.  Until recently, I still hadn't committed myself 100% to Crossfit....meaning eating appropriately, getting proper sleep, avoiding alcohol, following a program....CONSTANTLY IMPROVING myself.  

I can honestly say that I AM on The right Track!  

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Wade said...

Awesome! You're going to crush it this weekend at sectionals.

Anonymous said...

"Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment."
-Lao Tzu Lindsey and Web Smith said...


I loved this post man. You are an awesome man and a great friend. I look forward to watching you reach the goals that you are so diligently pressing toward.


Lion Heart said...

thanks for the support homies.... life is a lot more fun and abundant when you are giving your all!